Key Feature

100% User Control
For Upstore premium members, this provider offers total control over all files upload and store on their server. That means you are in charge of each files’ privacy. And, as long as you are still a premium member, your data will be available for you to access any time any day.

100% Secured Servers
As technology and the internet rapidly evolve so is the number of cyber criminals. Therefore, it is imperative that you ensure optimal security of your files, and this is one place scores impressively. This provider makes it a point to provide 100% secure servers to avoid unauthorized access and data breaches using every best mechanism available. This translates to the fact that you can upload and store your files with confidence including the most confidential data. No more worries about your files get stolen.

Password Protection is designed to request for a password each time you want to access the cloud storage. This feature ensures no one except you can have access to your uploaded files, except they know your password.

External Security of Servers
Cutting-edge techniques were incorporated to achieve the utmost protection of the servers. Plus, the server’s security is updated and reviewed from time to time. Besides that, the provider takes another measure to ensure users never lose their files. Upstore engineered several data centers where your uploaded files reflect and get saved in storage entities, which offers more protection against having corrupted files. Also, there’s another data center meant to keep duplicated stored files for more security should there be any data breach in the future.

VeriSign Secured Certification
This certification makes sure that your connection never goes through anywhere else. In short, it means you will never be redirected. The benefit to being VeriSign secured certification means you no longer have to be exposed to those phishing scams.

Spyware Protection
Another feature that makes it a worthy contender in the competition is its spyware protection. Upstore comes with protecting mechanism that makes it a point that you don’t share sensitive files with a malicious recipient. Typically, the server is configured to respond to clean devices, and if anything unusual happens, the system will notify the user instant about it.

Advanced Encryption
There might be an event where users have to share any sensitive information during the signing up process or upgrading to a premium account. Sensitive information including credit card information or others should not be made public, which why Upstore comes with a 256-bit SSL all sensitive information provided will remain secure in their website. Thus, this means users can transfer, and store their informations without being scared of getting compromised.

Firewall and SSL
Just as mentioned earlier, incorporate SSL for data encryption, which means all files you upload on their server remains safe. In addition, even for devices with firewalls, this cloud storage provides still function as it should, as it’s designed to bypass the firewall.